How Much Energy does Air Conditioning Use?

It’s common knowledge that air conditioning is expensive and uses lots of energy. But it turns out that’s a myth – if you use air conditioning properly, it doesn’t have to cost you much money at all.

Older air conditioners use the most energy

Ageing air conditioners will use more energy than newer ones, especially as now new air conditioning units must maintain a certain power level by law. So if you’ve got an old air conditioner, it might be worth thinking about investing in a new one.

When used properly, air conditioners use little energy

Although it’s seen as an electricity guzzler, air conditioning units can use as little as £2 of electricity per day. As long as you use your air conditioner effectively, it’s clear that they don’t have to cost you over the odds. Even energy saving advocates state that high electricity bills can come from air conditioning misuse rather than the system itself.

Make small changes to use even less electricity

If you’re worried about the energy your air conditioning unit is using, you can change the settings on your air conditioner to help save money. If you can, lower the fan strength and prevent extreme temperatures in your home to conserve energy.

Other appliances cost more to run than air conditioning

There are actually a few appliances in your home that are silent killers when it comes to electricity use:

tumble dryer energy use
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  • Electric ovens: 30p to 65p per hour per element used
  • Irons and vacuum cleaners: 20p to 41p per hour
  • Tumble dryers: 25p to £1.57 per hour

Since air conditioners cost between 15p and 20p per hour to run, it’s clear that as long as you use your air conditioning effectively it doesn’t have to be an expensive option.

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