Increase your Productivity with Air Conditioning

It’s well-known that the temperature and humidity in the workplace has a direct impact on the productivity of staff, and that’s why it can be really important to have air conditioning in the office.

If the room is too hot, staff are more likely to feel sleepy and their concentration levels will drop. But if the temperature is too low, you’ll get complaints from your staff and it can lead to illnesses.

The optimum temperature for workplace productivity is between 20 and 21 degrees, so you’ll need to get an air conditioner that can adequately cool the room to this temperature.

How to choose the right air conditioning unit for the office

Not every air conditioner will meet the basic requirements for your office. Ensure you choose the right air conditioning unit for your office to maximise staff productivity and keep them happy and healthy.

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There are lots of types of air conditioner that you can choose from. You could have a portable, fitted, cooler or fan unit, but you need to decide where you’re going to put the unit and how long you want to use it for.

If you only need a temporary cooling solution, you could just hire one for as long as you need it to save money.


It’s not always best to get a big air conditioner if you don’t need it. If your air conditioning unit is too big for the space, it can consume a lot of energy and cost you a lot in bills. But if the unit is too small then you’ll end up not being able to cool the room properly. It’s best to ask an air conditioning engineer to help you choose the best size for your needs.


Ensure that you have the budget to keep your air conditioner well maintained throughout its life. Although it can seem like an unnecessary expense, not keeping an air conditioning unit maintained will shorten its lifespan, not to mention increase its energy consumption and cost you more money in the long run.

Always make sure you get an experienced air conditioning engineer to carry out maintenance on your system. To get quotes for an air conditioning install or service, simply use our quick and easy online forms.

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