Air Conditioning Project Timeline

If you’re planning an air conditioning project, it can be really helpful to know how long it’s going to take. We will assume you have done your research, found the cost of installing air conditioning and are ready to find an air conditioning installer to do the work. This will help you organise your project and get it sorted.

To help you out, we’ve put together a typical air conditioning project timeline. This should give you a rough idea of how long the work is going to take.

How long will an air conditioning project take?

Research: 1 week

Research is a really important part of any project. If you don’t put sufficient time and energy into working out what you need and who should do it, your project is less likely to be a success.

Once you have an idea of what you want to achieve with your project, you should do some research on air conditioning professionals in your area. Take a look at any ratings and reviews you can find and request quotes from the best ones.

Inspection: less than 1 day

If you’re getting central air conditioning installed for the first time or are getting a different type of system to the one you already have, your pro will need to come to your home to do an inspection. This is to check that the system is suitable for your home and is the appropriate size. This inspection won’t take very long – certainly less than a day.

Installation or servicing: less than 1 day

Once your installer is ready to fit your air conditioning system, it won’t take them very long. If they’re replacing an old unit they’ll need to take that out first and they also might need to put in new ducting. The whole process should take some time between 2 hours and 1 day, depending on your home and the system.

Servicing you air conditioning system will take even less time. During a service, your pro will clean the units and air fillers, inspect components and check for leaks. The average air conditioning service will probably take about 2 hours.

Total time: around 1 week

Hopefully, our timeline will help you plan your air conditioning project. If you need a hand finding air conditioning pros, complete our online form. We’ll connect you with up to 4 professionals.