Air Conditioning Price Guide

Air conditioning units differ in price depending on the type of unit you want. To help you decide which unit you should budget for, we’ve put together this handy price guide.

General advice

Do your research

Make sure you do some research into the kind of air conditioning system you want. There are single unit, split unit and central systems, and each type of unit will vary in price. Assess which type of air conditioning unit you really need.

Set a budget

Depending on the system that you want, you’ll need a certain amount of budget. Make sure you decide on the amount of money you can spend on your air conditioning and stick to it, so you don’t end up in difficulty.


The three main types of air conditioning differ in price:

Type of air conditioning unit
Approx. cost excluding installation
Single unit £200-£500
Split unit £300-£900
Central From £800

Make sure you get a range of quotes for your air conditioning system to ensure that you get the best price. For some units, such as a single unit, you might be able to install them yourself.

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