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6 Clues You Could Need an Air Conditioning Service

Your air conditioning is a really valuable part of your property. It can help you heat and cool the air, make your environment healthier, improve security and more. But you’ll only get long-term benefits from your climate control if you maintain it – and this means getting an air conditioning service when you need one.

How an air conditioning service can help you

There are multiple reasons why routine servicing is the ideal way to maintain your air conditioning. It can help you:

  • Keep your energy bills down
  • Avoid unnoticed faults and expensive repair bills
  • Keep your unit warranties valid
  • Maximise your system’s lifetime

Learn more about how servicing your air conditioning can help you here.

Air conditioning systems use ‘F-gases’ – a type of refrigerant that’s used to transfer heat into and out of the air. Only trained professionals are legally allowed to work with F-gases, so you can’t DIY it.

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6 clues you need an air conditioning service now

It’s vital to get your air conditioning service performed at the correct time. Service your climate control less than you need to and you’ll end up with inefficient air conditioning that costs you money. But service it too much and you’ll be paying out unnecessarily.

Whether you’re not sure how regularly your air conditioning’s been maintained or you’ve got a full service history, here are 6 clues you need an air conditioning service now.

1. It takes a while to heat or cool your property

Although air conditioning has lots of benefits, its main purpose is to heat and cool your air. So, it should be excellent at performing both these functions.

If you start finding that your climate control’s taking more time than usual to heat or cool the air, it could be time to book in a service. Clogged up ductwork and blocked filters can reduce airflow and efficiency. An air conditioning engineer will notice this and clean them for you as part of your service.

Don’t forget that particularly high or low temperatures can have a significant effect on how long it takes your climate control to reach your chosen temperature. So, make sure you consider the weather when you’re trying to determine whether your air conditioning’s working properly.

2. Your air conditioning’s making a lot of noise

Modern air conditioners are now so well made that they’re usually very quiet, sometimes silent. This is a great feature – particularly if you need climate control in a bedroom, office or leisure facility. This means that you’ll probably have noticed if your units are making more noise than usual.

As your air conditioning’s used more and more, some of its components will start to come loose or wear out. This might be what’s causing the noise, and could easily be solved by a service.

3. Pollen or dust is bothering you

Are allergies or hayfever affecting you more than normal? One reason why many people choose to use air conditioning is that it helps to ventilate your space while filtering out pollen and dust.

If your air conditioning is usually great at reducing dust and pollen levels but you’ve found it’s currently underperforming, it’s time to book in a service and get a filter clean.

4. You’ve noticed a rise in your energy bills

Have you noticed that your energy bills are creeping up? The longer you leave it to get your air conditioning service, the less efficient your climate control will become. This means that it will have to use increasing amounts of energy to perform properly, making your bills go up and up.

When an engineer services your air conditioning, they’ll clean it and check that it’s as efficient as possible. If this sounds like something you need, just fill in our quick online form to receive free quotes.

5. Your last air conditioning service was a year or more ago

Most manufacturer warranties say that to keep them valid, you need to service your air conditioning at least once a year. A warranty is well worth having – it might mean that you can get your air conditioner fixed or replaced for free.

So, if it’s coming up to a year since you last got an air conditioning service done, it’s time to book another one. Not only will this help you keep your warranty valid, it’ll also ensure your system’s functioning safely and efficiently.

6. You have a commercial system that’s used a lot

If you have a commercial air conditioning system, servicing your climate control once a year just isn’t enough. We’d suggest servicing your business air conditioning twice a year or more because of the significant amount of use it gets.

In fact, if your air conditioning is somewhere like a doctor’s surgery, vets or gym, it might be worth servicing your air conditioning even more. This is because these kinds of places get lots of debris in the air and usually have a higher air conditioning demand.

So, if any of these 6 clues sound familiar, it’s time you looked into getting an air conditioning service. Even if you’re not sure what you need, it’s worth getting in touch with an engineer for some professional advice.

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