3 Air Conditioning Mistakes you’re Probably Making

Air conditioning is a great way to cool your home, but it can be costly if you don’t maintain it properly.

Lots of people do make mistakes in running their air conditioning units, which can make the systems inefficient.

Check out the top 3 air conditioning mistakes you’re probably making and find out how to fix them.

1. Putting your unit in the wrong place

This first mistake could cost you hundreds in energy bills. If you put your air conditioning unit in a sunny part of the room, it will have to work harder to cool the room down.

You’ll also find that after the air has left your unit, the room will naturally start increasing the temperature of it as it comes into contact with the direct sunlight.

Put your air conditioning unit in a darker area of your room that isn’t crowded, as this will improve the air flow. If your unit is wall-mounted and was installed by a professional, ask your engineer to come out and assess its positioning.

2. Not changing the filter

Air conditioners don’t require much maintenance, but one of the common air conditioning mistakes people make is not changing the filter often enough.

If you don’t replace the filter regularly, it can cause the system to become inefficient, using more energy and costing you more money.

You should change your filter every two to three months if you live in the UK.

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3. Using an air conditioner with a humidifier

If you use two different air appliances together, the chances are that you’re wasting energy.

Humidifiers raise the humidity level of the room, so using it with an air conditioner will waste energy and could even make your room more uncomfortable.

If you’re making any of these air conditioning mistakes and you’re not confident with DIY, ask an air conditioning engineer to conduct a service of your unit for you.

Emily Rivers

Emily Rivers is the Customer Experience Manager at Quotatis. She informs customers of the latest developments in a range of products so they can make the best choice for their homes and ensures they get the best out of our service.